Analysis Of Colin Kaepernick's Protest In Anthem

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Over the past couple of months we have seen several protest happening all across the United States. One of the major protest that has occurred was Colin Kaepernick’s choice to take a knee during the National Anthem. Kaepernick is a football player for the San Francisco 49ers and first took a knee during “The Star Spangled Banner” on August 26, 2016. His initial reasoning behind his actions was intended to be a form of protest against the recent outbreak of police brutality and racial injustices in the United States. However, as time has come and gone his initial intention has been changed and modified to fit certain individuals and group views. Despite the many different changes and modifications made by these individuals or groups, his protest …show more content…
Many high school student athletes have also begun to side with Kaepernick and take part in his protest as well. With this recent outbreak of protests against standing for the national anthem, it has sparked controversy about protesters’ purposes and meanings behind protesting, as well as the platform they a performing their protest upon. Although Kaepernick’s protest may seem of concern to only a small group of people, it should in fact concern anyone who cares about our nation and the direction it is headed in. In the article, Refusing to Stand for the National Anthem: Top 3 Pros and Cons, it discusses the main reasons why individuals or groups are either for or against Kaepernick’s protest. Some people support Kaepernick’s protest to take a knee during the national anthem because they believe that it is an appropriate form of protest, and that it is a professional athlete’s right to use their fame to push their political views; while others do not support it and believe that it is inappropriate and highly disrespectful to the men and women who serve our

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