Essay on Analysis Of Cocoon Therapy And Its Effects On Society

1578 Words Nov 18th, 2015 7 Pages
During “cocoon therapy,” I was in an isolated state separated from the world. It was at this time when my emotions were poured onto a canvas. Every joy seemed to be taken away from me. Reading, television, football, music, school, everything disappeared in blink of an eye. The pain kept hurting every day. No matter the time, it wasn’t getting any better. I wore sunglasses all the time to prevent headaches but also to shield my emotions from others. Appointment after appointment results weren’t looking great. But then one appointment gave me a glimmer of hope after a November doctor’s appointment. We discussed the possibility of returning to school for half days. My whole mood seemed to change as a result. Time went by and all of a sudden, life threw a curve ball toward me. Another moment changed my life.
I remember waking up terrified in a pitch-black hospital room. An IV was in my left arm, the room was full of medical equipment, and the feeling in the back of my head again was worse than before. “How did I get here,” I asked myself. One moment I was with my grandparents, and now I was in a hospital bed having no clue as to how I got there. For any normal person, this feeling of not remembering why you’re in a hospital room is frightening in itself. At twelve years old and to this day it was the most horrifying event I have ever went through. Hoping it was a dream, tears were streaking down my face. But I knew no dream would ever be this terrifying as this reality. The…

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