Analysis Of Cline Library At Northern Arizona University Essay

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In the fall of 2016, Cline Library at Northern Arizona University (NAU) opened its MakerLab, a makerspace focused on 3D printing, scanning, and electronic prototyping. Designated as the first MakerBot Innovation Center in the Western United States, the MakerLab includes 20 3D printers, plus 3D scanners, electronic prototyping kits, and other maker tools. It is the first large-scale, public 3D printing service in northern Arizona. We will share with you why and how we built the MakerLab, but more importantly, we will show how we built partnerships to make the project successful and convey some lessons we learned that can help you launch a successful technology project in your library.
Northern Arizona University serves over 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students, with 22,000+ on the Flagstaff campus and the rest served via a variety of distance and online programs. Recognized as a technology leader on campus, Cline Library is a hub of learning and collaboration, and our building and online services are heavily-used by students and faculty. The MakerLab is the latest of many projects to transform library spaces; other recent projects include a graphic design and media production area and the Learning Studio, a highly-configurable, technology-rich classroom.
Building a foundation
Planning for the MakerLab started with a staff visioning exercise in fall 2015 to identify potential projects for targeted fundraising. Staff identified a makerspace as a high-priority project,…

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