Analysis Of Clark H. Pinnock 's Chapter On Spirit And Union Essay

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The question of what God’s goal is in his son’s death and resurrection stands at the forefront of Clark H. Pinnock’s chapter on Spirit and Union. Pinnock eloquently reveals the clear aim of God’s work in the world through his Spirit. He goes so far as to state, “Union with God is not peripheral to salvation but the goal” (Pinnock151). In other words, God is actively at work in the world to reestablish humanities’ “oneness” with God that has been destroyed by sin. In addition, Pinnock speaks to Christianity’s current acceptance of the great theologian Martin Luther’s guilt and focused solely on a legal arrangement accomplished by Christ. Pinnock goes to great lengths to urge the church to not stop there, but rather see salvation as a step towards union with God. He says, salvation “sweeps us up into the love of God for participation in the divine nature”
(Pinnock 156). Finally, Pinnock focuses on the Spirit’s role within a believer to draw them to God and the Spirit’s transforming work within them for the purpose of experiencing union with God with the outflow of service to others. First of all, salvation is about more than a “sinner’s change of status.” Rather, salvation is about the Holy Spirit’s power at work to draw people into the life God destined for them to live (Pinnock 149) Pinnock says, “Salvation is the Spirit, who indwells us, drawing us toward participation in the life of the triune God”
(Pinnock 150). God’s plan was to live with his people, yet that was…

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