Analysis Of Clair Atkins 's ' Nona And Me ' Essay

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“Nona and me” (2014), a debut young adult novel by Clair Atkins, purposefully depicts a coming of age story of a fifteen-year-old narrator named Rosie and her inner conflicts in regards to where her loyalties stand. The prime script of this novel centres around the once inseparable friendship that existed between Rosie a non-Indigenous teenager and her childhood friendship with an Aboriginal girl named Nona, which becomes strained due to the political and cultural issues within this Northern Territory community. This novel is a powerful exploration of the dilemmas faced by adolescence in their inner desires to belong, epitomised by Rosie’s battle whether she will lean towards her childhood best friend and figurative sister, or abandoning her past in order to be accepted by her new glamorous, yet culturally intolerable friends. The characters in this novel are well developed, exhibiting depth as well as being easily relatable for its targeted teenage audience, particularly in the case of protagonist Rosie with her appealing nature through her realistic relationships and her gradual character development in her rediscovered inner feelings for her mother and community. Additionally, Atkins uses flashbacks in order to give insight into Nona, exhibiting a complexity of both positive and negative attributes, where this realism of character resonates with Jakes notion (2009.p.9), that Australian writers who are striving to illustrate a valid representation of Australian society…

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