Essay on Analysis Of Christopher Scott 's ' The Sky '

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“Look in the sky! It is a bird. No it is a plane.” This phrase has become somewhat of a staple in modern pop culture. It is connected with super-heroes that have been a dominant archetype throughout history. Whether in real life, on the silver screen, in books, plays, or almost anywhere one looks they can find an example of a hero. If a person was asked to describe a hero there would be an endless amount of answers. Doctors, sports icons, family members, and so on, but many would ramble on about a physically fit being wearing a mask or a cape, with superhuman powers such as the ability to fly. All while everyday men and women risk their lives all around the world to protect and serve the nation that they love, America. Christopher Scott “Chris” Kyle was born April 8, 1974 in Odessa, Texas. He grew up on his parent’s farm with one brother. His father Kenneth Kyle was a deacon at their family church; he put a strong emphasis on faith, family, and always protecting those things. Chris heroic nature was prevalent from a young age, in his New York Times best seller “American Sniper” his brother Jeff Kyle speaks of a time when he was being beat up by a school yard bully and Chris came swiftly to his rescue, putting an abrupt end to the violence. Chris grew up an avid hunter receiving his first rifle, a .30-06 Springfield bolt-action, at the young age of eight years old. Little did he know the rifle he used would act as a prominent part of his life later. Chris Kyle attended high…

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