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Christopher Nolan’s Inception has an ending that will make any viewer want to become a mathematician and try to solve the equation of the ending. If the spinning top fall or not. Now after we finished the film we were angry at the ending but amazed at the same time. If his in dream state or in reality, now this film make you have sleep-less nights thinking if the spinning top falls. Now the idea about the ending is that we were the audience to the whole dream and the end was a kick back to reality.
Now personal I was annoyed at the ending because the spinning top fall would have given Cobb and our a happy ending but if it kept on spinning then Cobb is dreaming and it a miserable kick back to reality for Nolan’s viewers.
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Cobbs could have potentially became the old man with regrets because I believe that the spinning top does keep spinning. He uses dreams to cope with his reality, like how was do if something bad has happened to us, we dreams to get away. He has created his own world we everything is perfect, he has created the ultimate forgiveness for his guilt and regrets. Cobb has planted a seed in his own mind that his reality is real because of the guilt he has, but he also has motivation to create a dream that is perfect which is to see his kids face again.
I believe that the spinning top keeps on spinning because Cobb is not in reality because most of the interaction with his former father-in-law Professor Miles when he said “ come back to reality”. I believe that dream becoming reality to Cobb, when they went to get Yusuf the old man in the basement ask Cobbs’ if he still dreams” suggesting that dreaming has become Cobb’s reality.
The implications of this ending is that Cobb has chosen not to question his own reality because he has what he wanted from the beginning which is his kids. Therefore, he doesn’t care if his in limbo or in reality because it doesn’t matter to him anymore so, it should not matter to us to.
Nolan has decided to end the movie in this matter to represent a dream of how we end see the ending of a dream. We walk up before it ends therefore, that is what Nolan is doing, his waking has up from a dream.
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