Essay Analysis Of Christopher Columbus 's ' Mesoamerican Voices '

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When the European population sought expansion, they took a voyage to the East Indies in hope of establishing a trade route. Although, Christopher Columbus made wrong calculations, he and his men landed in a New World that would bring them great fortunes. Unfortunately, for the Natives living in the America’s the Europeans arrival would be the beginning of a terrible nightmare. In Latin Colonial America by Kevin Terraciano, there are letters and documents that give the various perspectives of people living during the initial conquest period. Native languages have been translated to English by Mattew Restall, Lisa Sousa and Kevin Terraciano in the book Mesoamerican Voices. While the Europeans viewed the Indigenous population as inferior, the Indigenous community felt that the Europeans were divine and powerful. Both views contributed to the Europeans ability to impose their religious beliefs and exploit the indigenous being, which ultimately lead to the destruction of the indigenous population.
Upon arriving in the Americas the Europeans established a sense of superiority. Europeans deemed all practices that were not theirs as inferior. Many journals that belonged to Christopher Columbus displayed his first encounters with the indigenous population. Columbus described the average Native as peaceful and generous because they were willing to give everything up for things that had very little value. Columbus also mentioned that the Natives had no knowledge of iron and when…

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