Chris Mccandless '' Happiness Is Only Real When Shared.'

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“Happiness is only real when shared.” was written in Chris McCandless’s journal. The journal was found when the police and hitchhikers found his body in an abandoned bus where he had been living off the land in Alaska. This quote reflects McCandless’ belief because it tells you that he was happy sharing his journey with the people he met along the way. In the book, Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer discusses some other explorers that shared the same desire to experience the extremes of life. It tells about the journey that ended with the death of Chris McCandless. Many people were affected by his story. It was a learning experience for many
Chris McCandless and other explorers wanted to experience the extremes of life. Chris McCandless and many
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In Chapter 12, Chris drove out west to El Segundo, California to revisit his childhood home. While he was there, he found out his father was living a double life; which caused Chris to have hatred towards his father who didn’t tell him that he had a second family. When Chris discovered this about his father, he didn’t tell his parents. Instead he kept it inside. I believe this pushed him even more to take a trip to Alaska and not telling his parents about the trip. I believe if his parents would have told him that his father was living a double life, it would have been much better than finding out his own. In Chapter 11, Chris took his first backpacking trip at the age of eight. His family traveled frequently. I think that Chris’s early start at backpacking at his young age led to his desire to experience the wild up in Alaska. It may not have been so important to him if he had not experienced it for so many years. Chris McCandless’s story affected many readers in different …show more content…
I believe that he was wrong to not to tell his parents about what he learned in El Segundo, California. He should have told his parents where he was going, so they would know where he was and would check if they didn’t hear from him. Also I believe that if he had, the family that could have done more about trying to find out where he was and why he went there. I felt like they didn’t try hard enough to find out where he was. I would have expected them to do a lot more. The lesson that I will take from this story is to tell my parents if I was planning to take a trip for a significant period of time, so they would know where I was, what my route and timeline was and to worry if they did not hear from me at a certain time. The main insight that I have from the book and the movie is to enjoy your life no matter what adversity may come your way. I felt like Chris was happy all the time because he probably thought life 's too quick and he had no time to get down on himself because of something that went wrong in his

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