Analysis Of Chin Shih Huang

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People resort to violence because they think it is the right decision but there were always different ways of solving problems. Boxers was about foreign missionaries and soldiers converting the Chinese to Christianity. These foreigners would harass the chinese and disrespected their Gods. Bao and many others wanted to rid of them so they resort to violent acts to be intimidating and get them out of China. Bao and the others would learn to harness the powers of their Gods and kill any foreigners that stand in their way. Chin Shih Huang would be the god to watch over Bao and he pressures him to do violences because it will be for China. “Secondary devils” are Chinese converts and they must be rid of as well, but these violents act will be the …show more content…
They believe their actions are justified because it will only be for the greater good. Both of them have the same goal for each other which is to make China the way it was before the foreigners came. Chin Shih Huang states that Bao and him have similar ways of thinking. They both want to keep China the way it is and so they must make sacrifices (page 158). Bao only follows what Chin Shih Huang says is because he finds what he says to be true. If both of them have similars ways of thinking, they must agree with each other in things. One does not disagree with themselves in an argument or in a conversation. Bao would slowly become more like Chin Shih Huang because he is someone he can not disagree with. At this point, we can see that Bao has become a version of Chin Shih Huang. Bao has convinced himself that the true goal is to liberate China from all foreigners and to do that they must kill. Killing will be the easiest way to get rid of them (page 309). Both Bao’s and Chin Shih Huang’s minds are connected and believe in the same thing. How could they disagree with each other if both of them have the same way of thing. To mak China great again, they must get rid of the foreigners and it is to kill. But this blood lust will only make the foreigners use more force. They have had it and used their advanced technology to kill all of them.

Bao and Chin Shih Huang make risky decisions that would ultimately cause for more trouble. Both Bao and Chin Shih Huang are similar and that’s why they are together. Bao’s violent ways are only because Chin pressured him to do it all, but he finds it logical. Bao sees his ways to be helpful because it got Chin to become an emperor. Chin Shih Huang shoved the phrase “for China” in Bao’s head and now he thinks it is all justified. Anything he does is only for China and that it’ll only be fore the better

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