Analysis Of ' Children Of Crisis ' By Robert Coles Essay

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Before desegregation made an impact in history, America was separated into two races, colored and whites. People of color could only walk into colored stores, restaurants, drink out of "Colored Only" water fountains, ride at the back of the bus, and colored schools were available for children of color to go to. The education in “colored schools” was second-rate compared to the white schools, which had by far a better education. In Robert Coles’ “Children of Crisis,” he explains to the reader the hardships of being of color and the personal experience of a man named John who went to a “white school.” In this reading, Coles educates the reader about the struggles that children of color faced through during the segregation era of the 20th century.
In the beginning, Coles states that children of color, or “Negro” children, had greater interest in getting an education and achieving higher goals such as careers that are “aimed for teaching or the ministry” because it was becoming more common to work in such areas as the “white boys hope to become lawyers, doctors, or businessmen” (326). He reveals that agricultural and mechanical state colleges were thought to be as the ole “Uncle Tom” customs that were beginning to come to an end. Coles then introduces John to the reader later in the essay. From asking his parents to send him to a white school to actually attending a white school, John nonchalantly narrates to Coles about the hate and ridicule he received from his classmates and…

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