Analysis Of Chi Square Test

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Register to read the introduction… So I will be applying Chi-square test to test my hypothesis.



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The first year, Dr. Pemberton sold 25 gallons of syrup, shipped in bright red wooden kegs. Red has been a distinctive color associated with the soft drink ever since. For his efforts, Dr. Pemberton grossed $50 and spent $73.96 on advertising. Dr. Pemberton never realized the potential of the beverage he created. He gradually sold portions of his business to various partners and, just prior to his death in 1888, sold his remaining interest in Coca-Cola to Asa G. Candler, an entrepreneur from Atlanta. By the year 1891, Mr. Candler proceeded to buy additional rights and acquire complete ownership and control of the Coca-Cola business. Within four years, his merchandising flair had helped expand consumption of Coca-Cola to every state and territory after which he liquidated his pharmaceutical business and focused his full attention on the soft drink. With his brother, John S. Candler, John Pemberton’s former partner Frank Robinson and two other associates, Mr. Candler formed a Georgia corporation named the Coca-Cola Company. The trademark “Coca-Cola,” used in the marketplace since 1886, was registered in the United States Patent Office on January 31, …show more content…
According to the marketing wing the budget is enough because the company is still catering to some small markets.
10.4 RC COLA
History of RC Cola
It's been 100+ years since Claude Hatcher, a young graduate pharmacist in Columbus, Georgia, began creating soft drinks in the basement of his family's wholesale grocery business in 1905. Little did he know at the time, that his humble experiments would grow into a great soft drink company that's still driven today by the same innovative, entrepreneurial spirit. For a virtual tour of Royal Crown's rich history, scroll the page down.
Birth of a Business
The Company’s first cola product was Chero-Cola. Other early products included Royal Crown Ginger Ale, Royal Crown Strawberry, and Royal Crown Root Beer. Sales grew and in 1912, the Company began to sell syrups and flavor concentrates to franchised bottlers, which gave birth to the Royal Crown franchise system. Today it’s a worldwide force of Royal Crown bottlers, distributors, and of course, consumers that stretches around the globe.
RC Cola Brands: * RC Cola * Diet RC Cola * Cherry RC Cola * RC Edge Cola * Diet Rite Cola *

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