Analysis Of Chekhov 's ' Uncle Vanya ' Essay

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Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya highlights series of complex relationships and emotional ordeal through the main characters. The presence of male characters plays a significant role in revealing some of the major themes of isolation and estrangement. Nonetheless, Chekhov emphasizes the role of women in this story as they are highlighted as subjects of vulnerability and loneliness. In the 19th century imperial Russian literature, many characters often face overwhelming emotional sufferings and alienation against the society. Through the lens of Yelena Andreyevna, this story allows the readers to focus a distinct perspective on women, especially as pitiful, hopeless characters. As Yelena centers around both male and female characters, it is essential to understand her role as a woman and how her inner perceptions are noticeably different from her external world, which leaves her with great inner turmoil and dissatisfaction with life. Yelena Andreyevna is only twenty-seven and is a wife to Serebryakov, an old, retired professor (Chekhov 549). Throughout the story, Yelena shows great vulnerability when she directly states that her marriage “was not real love. It was all so insincere, so artificial, but, you see, it seemed real to me at the time. It’s not my fault” (576-577). She admits her superficial relationship with Serebryakov and recognizes how people look at her wrongfully. However, it is ironic that she does not view this marriage as her fault. This connects with her innocence…

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