Essay on Analysis Of Cheddar 's Casual Cafe

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When dining out at various amounts of different restaurants, you will always have different experiences. Unfortunately there are some experiences that are better than others. Cheddar 's Casual Cafe is known as a scratch kitchen, and is located in Mishawaka, When a restaurant is known as a scratch kitchen, that means that the meals that are listed on the menu is made from scratch. But apart from this, the things that I had heard about Cheddar 's has not been good, so I had decided to try it out for myself. I had decided this, because not everyone has the same experiences as others. There may be a few negatives that you will possibly experience while dining at Cheddar’s Casual Café, but it is a restaurant that I would recommend to families who are looking to save money and who are looking for a place that also has good food.

When first approaching and entering Cheddar 's Casual Cafe I was in absolute awe. I had never seen a restaurant that was presented in such a manner. The building design was very unique compared to the other local restaurants, the sign that broadcasted the restaurant was eye catching, the name of the restaurant in a medium bright red, and the lot that the restaurant rested on was very neat and tidy. I thought to myself, that this was a restaurant that I definitely needed to try. The front of the inside of the restaurant did not disappoint me either. The decor that Cheddar 's Casual Cafe had contained the average overhead music, table, bar, and high and…

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