Analysis Of Chasing My Dreams Vs Of Attending College

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Chasing My Dreams Instead of Attending College

If I was asked three years ago, “Are you planning on going to college?” I would have replied, “Of course, what other choice do I have?” Little did I know that there are several other options other than attending a four-year college. College students rarely ask what they are supposed to be learning while obtaining their four-year degree. “Will I learn anything in college that will actually help me in my career or future?" This question is one that every student should ask themselves, but few do. Why exactly are you attending college for? Better opportunities? More money? Or are you going just because everyone else is? Zachary Karabell, the author of What’s College For?, wrote an article titled “The $10,000 Hoop: Has Higher Education Become an Exercise in Futility for Most Americans?” Karabell takes a deeper look into higher education and if it is really preparing us for our future careers or just an exercise that Americans feel that they need to complete. After reading Karabell’s article, I know that I can follow my passions without obtaining a college degree and still succeed.
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Karabell along with most of the nation agrees that “college is a necessary prerequisite for skilled jobs” (p. 253). Students understand that obtaining a degree means better opportunities and jobs that will lead us to a “more affluent and rewarding future” (p. 253). But few ask “What are we supposed to learn in college” (p. 253). How will hours of listening to lectures and completing homework assignments help us in the future? Is a four-year degree really worth the time and effort? What if, we feel that our time in college is limiting our views and our time is better spent pursuing our dreams? Karabell believes that college teaches many useful things, but professors can’t teach you what you’ll eventually learn in the real

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