Analysis Of Charlotte Perkins Gilman 's ' The Yellow Wallpaper '

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Males have always been seen to be more superior than females in history. Women have tried expressing themselves for many years, but it seems as if they were not given the full access of their first amendment, the freedom of speech. There has been quite a number of courageous females that took a stand, with bravery to express their feelings about femininity. Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s was one of the females, however, she expressed her bravery a bit differently. The once infamous, “The Yellow Wallpaper,” is a strong piece of literature, written by Gilman, herself, in the first person perspectives, based on femininity and postpartum depression. Gilman uses descriptive language, which can be seen as symbolism, in her short story to express her feelings and emotions.
It was not until recently that society started to show a desirable amount of respect to women. Women were always seen to have a lower status than men. Men were sought, and are still seen to be the superiority, while women stay inferior. A great example of the difference in gender equality in America, is the gender inequality in the military. Miller (1998) states that, “many Army women are puzzled when they see feminists in the media pushing to open up combat roles, because they are unaware of any women who are interested in such roles.” From past experience, very few female soldiers actually want to go to combat. Women weren’t allowed to go to combat until recently in the military, and it is still looked down upon…

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