Analysis Of Charlotte Perkins Gilman 's The Yellow Wallpaper

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After a woman gives birth it should be the most joyous stage in her life. Entering motherhood is the most beautiful gift a woman can possess. Unfortunately, for the woman in the short story The Yellow Wallpaper it doesn’t happen for her. The woman in this story has a baby, and suffers from postpartum depress. Her husband and brother are physicians, their health advice for her leads to her being locked in a room. Dealing with isolation from her baby, family, and friends causes her to lose her mind each day. She wants to break out of this room she’s stuck in but can’t because her husband will disapprove and find another way to have someone watch her and keep her confined. The author Charlotte Perkins Gilman writes this short story to express the concerns for women back in 1892 that may have suffered from postpartum depression. Back in those times women did not have any rights. The husband has all control in the household such as, the finances, working, making any decisions for the family and more.
The Yellow Wallpaper is set back in 1892 during this time period men were the dominant person in the house hold. John is a doctor and the husband to the woman in this short story. John’s wife has a nervous condition he doesn 't believe that she is sick. After she delivered their baby she has what we call postpartum depression. Since John is a doctor he believes the best treatment for his wife is to keep her from using her imagination and keeping her isolated. While in this room she…

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