Analysis Of Charles Marlow 's ' Heart Of Darkness ' Essay

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In order to understand how Charles Marlow’s tale fits into the larger theme of European Imperialism, first it needs to be understood what imperialism is. Imperialism is defined as the policy or practice of forming and maintaining an empire and controlling the raw materials and markets of that empire. In Heart of Darkness Conrad has many references and clearly has chosen to judge imperialism. In this story when referring to imperialism this is the period of colonization of African and Asian countries by European states. Colonialism is mainly about political and economic relations. The Western society’s need expand due to the age of industry and nationalism was some of the main reasons for this imperialism. Although in the story, he did not ultimately advocate these values, he chose them because they were popular and contrasting to judging the peculiar exploitation of the Congo. Conrad 's story illustrated the incompetence and cruelty of such exploitation. Conrad went on to imply a further judgment against all types of imperialism, even England 's, because of their involvement, ferociousness, and arrogant disruption of indigenous cultures. Conrad addresses the desirability and his stance on this can be distinguished through his use of symbolism and language.

In referring to the relationships between the “conquerors” and “conquered” with new inventions, Europe was thought to be superior to other continents. The idea of being the greater race played an important role. Many…

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