Analysis Of Cerelac Food

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Printed ads are occasionally enhanced by some visual effects that reflect the advertiser’s vision of his own work. These visual effects are not always limited to the employment of drawing art techniques or interpreted in terms of colors or symbols, they could either show the cultural beliefs and habits that the advertiser 's country is famous for and that he uses for the purpose of promoting his country across the world. He mainly tends to make his culture, visual and visible to anyone anywhere. He aspires to introduce some visual aspects of his own culture to the rest of the world through a very complex process of advertising that enables him to encourage people to spend their holiday in Morocco.
The Moroccan national tourist office attempts
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A baby need to be introduced to suitable foods that provide nutrients necessary for a healthy and normal growth of his easily breakable bones and he therefore needs to be offered the best food that contains all the nutrients because a breast milk alone is not enough after the first six months.At this basic stage, most mothers prefer to offer their babies Cerelac food as an easily digested instant cereal and as a supplement to their breast milk when it can no longer meet the baby’s growth necessities and requirements. Cerelac is considered to be a complementary food. It is particularly promoted for babies from six months onwards as the only target audience who can benefit from this brand of instant cereal made by Nestlé. This ideal cereal contains simple ingredients that do not seem to be detrimental to the baby’s digestive system and it does help with his normal …show more content…
Despite women’s greatest concern over the issue of gender equality, and their aspirations to have the same access to all sectors and end discrimination, women still can not undergo the change to go on to further equality. They are deprived of their basic rights to be treated with such respect and to be involved in the same activities men are also involved

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