Analysis of Cavemen in the Hedges Essay

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Chase Thomas

Prof. Julia Elliot
English 282

November 15, 2011

“The Cavemen in the Hedges” “The Cavemen in the Hedges” is a short story that contains many underlying themes of psychoanalytical theory. Themes of the “id,” a selfish, primal, version of one’s self concerned only with physical desires; the “superego,” part of a person’s psyche that is only worried about ideals and morals; and the “ego,” the rational part of the brain that attempts to satisfy both the id and superego natures make up an immense proportion of the breakdown of this story. Repression and other psychological defense mechanisms are also very important in the analysis as well. The first display of the id is that of the cavemen themselves. Our cavemen are
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The superego can be detrimental to a person physically, in the opposite way of the id. If the superego is in complete control of a person, they no longer care about material needs, social adeptness, and possibly other people’s varying viewpoints. The Schaefers embrace all of these ideals. However, they seem to be the most content people in this story, so the superego may be the best way to go in the matter of psychological control. The ego is the dominant theme that prevails in nearly all humans. Though displayed in several characters, Kim and her husband, prior to the dinner with the Schaefers, best exemplify this trait. The job of the ego is to provide balance between the id and superego, satisfying both of these ideals and keeping reality in focus. This is exactly what our narrator and Kim are attempting to accomplish through this suburban existence. When our couple was younger, they were wild and free-spirited. They were reckless with their bodies, didn’t give a damn what others thought of them, and had no respect for the law. Their id was in complete control of their lives. With age, their egos begin to conform them to what society expects them to be. They purchase a house together, have tattoos removed, and get real jobs. They become normal, boring, law abiding citizens. The only thing keeping them from being completely reformed is the fact that

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