Essay on Analysis Of Cathy Davidson 's Project Classroom Makeover

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Cutting Edge Classrooms In Cathy Davidson’s piece “Project Classroom Makeover”, she voices her concerns about the lack of quality of todays education system. She thinks that America’s classrooms haven’t evolved enough to prepare students for our advanced society full of new challenges and networking. She argues that by adding more game play into curriculum, learning could become more engaging and interactive for the young students of the twenty-first century. Games are a way to add a whole new level of interaction in the classroom. Game play can build relationships, as well as encourage new ways of thinking. Pairing experience and games in the classroom can result in an atmosphere that can produce successful students. Traditional classrooms tend to bore students with textbooks and lecturing. This doesn’t encourage students to think on their own, but instead only introduces them to the teacher’s single way of thinking. This isn’t a good system since it limits students on the ways they can learn and face challenges. Davidson explains how “the world is full of problems to solve that cost little except imagination, relevant learning, and careful guidance by a teacher with the wisdom to not control every outcome or to think that the best way to measure is by keeping each kid on the same page of the same book at the same time” (Davidson 61). She points out how not very problem in our society has a straightforward factual answer. Some challenges require innovative

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