Analysis Of ' Cathedral ' By Robert Carver Essay

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Robert Carver uses the character Bub, in his short story “Cathedral”, to demonstrate the difference between being physically blind and emotionally blind. Bub proves that he is capable of seeing the physical things around him, such as his wife, his home, his marijuana, and even the blind man Robert, who eventually changes his outlook on life. However, these sights are all on the surface and have no deep meaning to Bub and his one track minded life style. In fact others authors including Mark Facknitz, Polly Rose Peterson, and Collin Messer, view Bubs character as one that struggles, but eventually finds his way to a healthy transition. Although by the end of the text, Bub proves that his emotional blindness can be undone, not instantaneously, but over time, similar to the changes a cathedral makes over a long span of time. Bub is an individual who has tried to totally shelter himself by building walls that do not allow him to connect to the world. By consuming tons of alcohol and smoking marijuana, he is able to numb the pain he feels from being so emotionally blinded. “This stuff is pretty mellow,” I said. “This stuff is mild. It’s dope you can reason with,” I said. “It doesn’t mess you up” (Carver 39). Instead of partaking in substances that completely block him out of life, he uses those that allow him to still function but cope with the mediocrity he encounters day to day. Messer is very sympathetic when it comes to Bubs use of alcohol as his only escape from reality.…

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