Analysis Of ' Cathedral ' By Raymond Carver Essay

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The differences between two characters can be the driving force behind the story. In the short story “Cathedral,” Raymond Carver depicts a story of a blind man, Robert, who goes to stay with his old friend and her husband, the narrator, for a night. In the story, Carver subtly explores many aspects of the narrators’ and Roberts’ characters. While the narrator is more rude and reserved, Robert is more polite and expressive. Carver exemplifies many differences between the two men. The main differences explored between the narrator and Robert in “Cathedral” are their ability to communicate, ability to see in depth, relationship with the wife, and respective marriages. While the narrator faces difficulties with communicating, especially with his wife, Robert is able to communicate with ease. When the narrator’s wife shows him her poem, he “didn’t think much of it” (1) but he “didn’t tell her that’”(1). Rather than be honest about what he thinks and help her improve her writing ability, he refrains from giving his opinions and keeps to himself. Additionally, the narrator comments on how he and his wife would go to bed separately on a consistent basis and when he would “go to sleep, I had these dreams. Sometime I’d wake up from one of them, my heart going crazy” (9). The narrator would have night terrors that cause him to wake up in sweat; however, his wife does not know about it as he never tells her. Generally, it is easier for people to communicate in a marriage; however, the…

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