Essay on Analysis Of Cat 's Cradle By Kurt Vonnegut

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Imagine a world where instead of cool, crisp rivers, there were hazardous, burnt coffee colored bodies of water. The air we breathe and the water we drink are considered very important to every living organism in the world; unfortunately, humans using more and more of the earth’s resources, which results in the deterioration of them. Water resources are necessary for human survival, but our constant pollution of them will result in its end. The only solution is for change; America must cut back on the constant pollution of its waterways. In the novel Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, a similar issue to America’s modern issue is Frank’s pollution of Ice Nine into their water supply. Vonnegut explores the problem of pollution as it illustrates the dangers of Ice Nine which relates to America’s pollution of the Pacific Ocean.
Oil is a very important resource, Oil fuels most Americans’ transportation, however to acquire this resource, we pollute many water sources causing them to become unusable. A system called fracking is how the majority of our domestic oil is collected. Fracking on average is a four step proces. First a well is drilled to what is believed to contain the natural gas to trap is. Second a mix of water, sand, and very toxic chemicals is pumped through this newly created well as high pressure. Third the Natural gas and oil escapes through its fissures and is backed up the well to the surface. Finally the “flow back water” returns to the surface after the fracking…

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