Analysis Of Carol S. Dweck And The Student Fear Factor Essay

1342 Words Dec 12th, 2016 6 Pages
I never thought that I would be sitting on top of a washing machine waiting for my clothes to dry while at the same time, writing a shitty first draft essay. It’s amazing where education can take you. In my first semester of composition, I read “Brainology” by Carol S. Dweck and “The Student Fear Factor” by Rebecca Cox. In Brainology, Dweck explains that there are two different mindsets: a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. A growth mindset is when a person has a mindset that intelligence can learn their mistakes. A fixed mindset is someone who believes that they have a fixed learning amount. In “The Student Fear Factor”, Cox explains that there are different types of fear factors specific to college for each student. Every person has a different path and my path is very much unique. In my career as a student, there have been ups and downs, most of them happening in high school. I attended high school my four years and they have been the most rollercoaster-like part of my life. Everything from prom to drama class, it depends on what was running my life. After High school, I’m still learning. Throughout my educational journey, I’ve had a fixed mindset due to my experiences with Math and my experience with English and I have the current goal to move my mindset to “growth” in order to be successful at the college level. In elementary school, I used to enjoy English class, but the fixed mindset ruined it for me. Ever since I started pre-school, I’ve always been a high grade,…

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