Analysis Of Cardozo & Co. Essay

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After many sleepless nights and a lot of hard work I was seeing the result of several years of sacrifice, I had finally graduated from FIU, one of the best universities in South Florida and was about to achieve every accountant’s goal; to obtain my CPA license. Even though one of the “big four” tried to recruit me, I decided to open my own CPA office in South Beach. To my surprise, I was immediately engaged by Cardozo & Co., a firm that wants to go public.
As an auditor, to the best of my knowledge I reviewed and certified the accuracy of Cardozo & Co.’s financial statements before they were filed with the SEC and distributed to the public before the initial public offering. Included in the financials were various inaccuracies that I failed to detect; however, I did uncover various “irregular” entries which I believed were bribes to foreign entities, but I did not act on this information.
I was approached by the firm’s president to give tax advice concerning various matters; among those, tax shelters in the Cayman Islands and as part of the engagement, I complied. Months later I was surprised when Cardozo & Co. announced they would merge with another public firm, making their stock price increase significantly. As their accountant, I prepared all the required documentation that needed to be filed with the SEC as a result of the merge. Without knowledge, those documents prepared for the SEC also found their way to Prosser Bank, who made a loan to Cardozo & Co. based on the…

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