Analysis Of Capos 's ' Capos Presents As A Proposed One Hour Dramatic, Crime Pilot '

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CAPOS presents as a proposed one-hour dramatic, crime pilot. It’s inspired by true events. The series focuses on the gritty and violent world of drug smuggling. As presented, the world is very authentic and believable.
The series has a unique hook, as it centers on the Mexico-US cartel connection. It’s fascinating to watch the drug smuggling trade world unfold, especially in Mexico where they use young kids. There’s no doubt that there are many gritty stories to be told and it’s easy to envision a long-term series.
It appears to have an open-ended type of structure, in which the storylines will continue from week to week, building in intensity with new plot lines and secrets revealed throughout the series. This gives the series an opportunity to explore the grisly drug trade and to create compelling characters.
At the heart of the show, one finds an ambitious former gang member, who hopes to rise to become the most feared, and successful drug lord or “Capos”.
There’s certainly a lot to like about this world. However, there are areas of the presentation that are worth discussing for further development. While the premise is very appealing, the pilot still can be more powerful.
A TV series relies on the ability to create dynamic characters to drive the series. The audience has to find the characters to be compelling to watch them each week. While Miguel is the main protagonist, he still needs to stand out.
In the opening he participates in the home invasion, but as…

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