Cannon Crooks Interview Report

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This paper intends to describe an interview conducted with an eight year old about sports. A remarkable quote from this young man was “ I only struck out twice last season and I didn’t get out after that at all”. The sports that Cannon Crooks plays, his favorite sport, his favorite player, his favorite position, and future aspirations and more shall be covered in this paper. The interview was conducted over the phone with an eight-year-old boy named Cannon Crooks. Cannon Crooks is a third grader and the son of Kyle Crooks the head of the University of Central Missouri baseball program. The interview was conducted over the phone after Cannon was given some time and was able to prepare for the questions.
I asked Cannon what sports he plays and he replied with
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Often times Cannon can be seen at the UCM baseball field playing catch with his dad or practicing some aspect of his game. Cannon’s favorite position is second base and when asked why second was his favorite and not shortstop he said “because second is my lucky base and we won the championship last year when I was playing there”. He mentioned that in his previous season he was good at second base and probably was the best on the team at second base. Something that was surprising was who his favorite player was; Babe Ruth. It could be assumed that his favorite player could probably be on the Royals or even that his favorite team should be the Royals but both of which are wrong. His favorite team in Major League Baseball is the New York Yankees and the reason Babe Ruth is his favorite player is because Babe Ruth is one of the greatest Yankees of all time. The reason he likes the Yankees and not the Kansas City Royals is because he grew up liking the Yankees with his dad and he continues to like them to this day. When talking about Cannon’s skill on the baseball field he proclaims that his best attribute to his team is his offense. He only struck out twice last season and he didn’t get

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