Analysis Of Cannabis As A Substitute For Alcohol And Other Drugs

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In “Cannabis As A Substitute For Alcohol And Other Drugs: A Dispensary- Based Survey Of Substitution Effect In Canadian Medical Cannabis Patients.” Philippe Lucas shares his research about the substitution effect for alcohol and other illegal substances. Lucas claims that a large variety of the population use hemp over alcohol, tobacco and other medicines because of three main reasons behind this which are as follows- “less withdrawal, fewer side-effects and better symptom management” (435). Lucas also conclude that pot can cause addiction but still it might be a good choice (440).
In the beginning of this article, marijuana is one of the oldest and common drug (UNDCP qtd. in Lucas 435) with least effects on physical and mental health in
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Lucas also added that some reasons behind replacement can be increase in cost or reduce in availability of the substance and Lucas also provided some examples to prove this effect like Americans replaces dangerous drugs with the hemp when government makes it lawful to use marijuana for recreational purposes in 1970 (Model qtd. in Lucas 436) and Australians also swaps pot with heroin as there was unavailability of heroin in 2001 (Aharonovich et al. qtd. in Lucas 436).
Talking about the hemp and problematic substance, Lucas suggest that several researches carried out on animals and human has shown that cannabis causes addiction (437). On the other hand, 2 studies has proved that weed has important biological effects on body to give up crack and cocaine as well as based on some researches it has been proved that it also protects liver from heavy alcohol use and at last, studies suggest that it “does not interfere with the formal substance abuse treatment” (Lucas

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