Analysis Of Canadian Please By Andrew Gunadie

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Final Exam: Examining the video’s by Andrew Gunadie Canada is a great country with an unimaginable number of qualities. However, many outsiders have a different perception of what it truly means to be Canadian. They connect Canada with things like “snow”, “Beavers” and the constant use of “eh”. Yet Canada is much more than what meets the eye, there are many values to being Canadian that other countries may not provided for their citizens. In the video “Canadian, Please” and “He’ll never be a real Canadian,” Andrew Gunadie uses a number of cliches and humour to promote the notion of what it truly means to be Canadian. In the video “Canadian, Please,” Gunadie combines the true identity of what it means to be Canadian with the many cliches …show more content…
The video starts of with him eating noodles and looking at YouTube comments online. The comments question what a real Canadian is by expressing; “they should have a real Canadian in the video instead of an Asian” and “he’s not even a real Canadian he might be a Canadian citizen be he will never be a real Canadian.” Through the video Gunadie contradicts himself, for instance he shockingly realizes that he is also comes from an Asian background.As a result, he comes to this conclusion he adds sad music to his video along with a steam of tears falling down his face. In addition, he adds symbols to further express the cliches of being Asian. For example, he displays a fourteen cookie and a “made in china logo”. Near the end of the video he we see him waking up from what happens to be a nightmare where he is being reminded that he is Asian. Through this video Gunadie explores the multicultural descent that exist in Canada. The video describes that one is not excluded from identifying as a Canadian by the way the look or their cultural background. But rather one of the great qualities of Canada is multiculturalism and that every culture and heritage is welcomed and given the same opportunity without being

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