Analysis Of Camelot And The Cultural Revolution Essay

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Camelot and the cultural revolution is the events before during and after John F. Kennedy assassination. James Pierson a conservative and writer of this book shares his view on the camelot myth and how this affected liberalism after words. He writes doesn 't just write about how Oswald assassinated JFK but also about the spectacular American culture shift afterwards. Pierson elaborates on how the American “left” came to conspiratorial thinking. It goes deeper into the assassination in different ways talking about liberalism and how it has changed since his assassination, Kennedy 's ways, conspiracy, influences. The Killing of JFK led to the ending of American Liberalism.
In the first chapter of the book it talk about LIberalism .Liberalism is based on liberty and equality. They believed that everything should have free rights and it should be fair. Liberalism was thriving when kennedy was in office, when he was killed liberalism changed and wasn 't as glorified after he died. Liberalism was the reason for many accomplishment. As in the revolutionary “progressive” reform and other things that were beginning to change the pace of the american culture. Then It spoke about Kennedy. Kennedy was the 35th president of the united states and a democrat. His approval rate was bombing before his presidency and still remains popular today. But he worked very hard on his image that didn 't necessarily go with who he was truly was. He was questioned by many for his real beliefs. After…

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