Analysis Of Call Me Bongo

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Call me Bongo
A giant hairless man with a scratch mark above his right eye, driving a a vehicle with foreign registration number had a stop over at Rhapsody bar. Entering the bar, he shouted wildly to the barman demanding five cold beers. “Call me Bongo,” he told the bartender pulling a bar stool before sitting down facing the bar.

Nonstop, he drunk four bottles and pausing he revealed to the bartender staring at him with suspicious eyes that it was his birthday and for that reason he had decided to celebrate it at this drinking joint.
Therefore to kick start the celebrations, patrons should have free beers for the next one hour. Bartender should not restrict patrons which type of beer to drink. His offer included any type of beer available
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He sponsored free sex through the bartender. Within five minutes, only Bongo and the bartender remained in the bar. The rest of the patrons had sneaked into petite time rooms planted behind the bar.

Meanwhile the conversation between Bongo and bartender continued. Customers had opted for sex. However Bongo expected hardcore beer drinkers to shun the offer; a few people under the influence of snifter fail miserably to do a good job between the two legs. Shaking his head in protest the bartender quashed Bongo assumptions. Quite a few hardcore drinkers, beer energize them to accomplish a good sex job.

A Hundred pin for the game lasting four or five minutes was on the higher side, Bongo joked. The sex bill could have been slightly lower had it been that clients had cooperated with the sex workers since they insisted on condom use. Those that concur and condomise, the sex workers give them discounted rates. And to discourage those that shun condoms the sex workers charge higher
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How? Bingo requested more information. It is consumed plain. is as simple as all that highlighted the bartender. If it is so then researchers were dozing on the job why not develop beer condoms. It would be a breakthrough deserving a place in the Guinness book of records. Time had come for researcher to think outside the box.
Still enjoying beer talk, bartender brought to the attention of Bongo that sex offer proved popular such that patrons through him were begging him to make another offer. That was no problem if they accepted his condition that patrons must use condoms.

Offer accepted patrons disappeared into the rooms including those that had profited from the first offer. Were these men cocks or real men? Potent men don’t go beyond one round; it is presumed that they give their best shot, queried Bongo.
When the second bill the bartender presented it to Bongo it was one hundred and seventy five pin. Clients had disregarded the instruction to use the rubbers which displayed how careless the patrons were with their lives.
Bongo asked the bartender to pump up the volume and Rumba music blasted the speakers and patrons flocked to the dance floor. Bongo joined them. Soon it was prominent that he out danced everyone and patrons’ mesmerized by his dancing attacks they stopped dancing. They watching him dance while cheering and clapping for

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