Analysis Of ' Caliban ' And ' Frankenstein ' Essay

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Caliban and Frankenstein’s Creature are both considered to be monsters due to their physically abhorring appearance. Caliban is said to be “A strange fish.” and the Creature is called a “…vile insect.” by his creator, as well as a “Devil” on multiple occasions. These descriptions imply that these characters are less than human, which introduces the concept of the “other.” Otherness is an idea that is used to analyse the way in which majority and minority groups are constructed, a person or character will become the other when they are categorised into a minority. This categorisation of human beings strips them of their humanity as they are no longer viewed as individuals, but as a representation of a group. It is clear that both Caliban and the Creature fit into this notion of otherness, as they are both denied humanity upon their introductions as characters. The first mention of Caliban in The Tempest is, “…Caliban, my slave, who never yields us kind answer.” It is instantaneously established that Caliban is nothing more than an unruly slave, and the casual way in which this is said works to show that this is not new, nor will it change. The Creature’s dehumanisation is not totally unlike Caliban’s, but in many ways it is more acute. The Creature is never given a name, he is known only as Creature, Monster, or creation, as if he is nothing more than an extension of his creator, completely undeserving of the privilege of self identity. This complete deprivation of humanity,…

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