Caddy Compson In The Sound And The Fury

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The Sound and The Fury is a novel written by author William Faulkner, a dramatic novel that captures the fall of the Compson family's reputation and the struggle that they encounter as they try to adjust to the societal changes in the early 20th century. Caddy Compson is a loving and adventurous girl who captures the heart of her three brothers; Benji, Quentin, and Jason who becomes obsessed with her and end up pushing her away from her household. Caddy Compson is a young girl who happened to be too good for her family, she is a brilliant young woman full of life with the desire to adventure. Caddy is the only member of the Campson family who is capable of loving truly. Her love and innocence are represented by the way that she interacts …show more content…
Caddy is the only person who was able to see the innocence that was hidden behind Benjy's mental problems. Benjy was often rejected by many people including his mother and Caddy was the only one who seemed to give him maternal attention. This close relationship drives Benjy to become obsessed with Caddy's presence. Quentin a young man with a brilliant future who loses it all due to the obsession with "saving" his sister Caddy from corruption. Quentin becomes fixated on the idea that he needs to protect his sister's purity and virginity because this would also protect his family reputation. Caddy and Quentin's relationship is different from that of Benjy's, for Caddy, Quentin is not only her younger brother but also her best friend, she is able to communicate with his about her desires. In many instances, we see that Quentin is willing to ruin his own reputation in order to protect Caddy's. The loss of Caddy's honor is one of the things that drives Quentin to his suicide. Jason is the bad apple in the Campson family, although he is Caddy's older brother he is the less mature one in the family. Jason often tries to pin his problems on other in order to avoid the responsibility of his wrong-doing. Caddy and Jason always had a conflicting relationship, Jason always pinned the blame on Caddy's actions. Although they rarely talked to one another Jason seemed to be obsessed with Caddy, he was always concerned with her daily

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