Essay on Analysis Of ' Burn Your Maps '

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Children often inherit most of their parent’s traits. Children are observers, they notice the patterns of their parents and assume that is what they should be doing. How an adult acts in front of a child greatly influences that child’s life. Robyn Joy Leff wrote a story called, “Burn Your Maps” where the narrator, Alise has family problems. Her son, Wes, tries to fully embrace the Mongolian culture, such as wearing Mongolian clothing and participating in Mongolian rituals. Alise doesn’t mind her adolescent son’s imagination but the conflict occurs when her husband and Wes’s father, Connor thinks Wes should have more boundaries like his father gave him as a child. By using argumentative dialogue, Leff implies although the family in the story lives under the same room, they’re basically just strangers living together. Thus, Leff would agree with the child psychologist that children emulate what they see their parents doing.
The family’s ineffective ways of solving family problems just creates a sarcastic attitude that Wes mimics. Alise tries to compare her brother to Wes, her brother dressed like Spiderman for a summer, but it didn’t turn out well. Connor doesn’t really listen to Alise’s story, but instead ask Alise,
You ever had any Mongolian students? Alise responds, Probably. We cover the globe here in the Pacific Northwest. You think that has anything to with it? Connor ask. It’s going to be my fault now is that the concept? I zip my jacket over my throat. It’s just a…

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