Essay on Analysis Of Bulgakov 's Heart Of A Dog

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In Bulgakov’s Heart of a Dog, he is trying to make a comparison between the Soviet system and the stray dog that is found lying whimpering in the middle of the street. The book goes on to talk about the transformation that this dog undergoes as part of Dr. Preobrazhensky’s plan to turn him into a human (symbolic of the changes that need to be done to the Soviet system). Through reading the book and putting together the events that take place -- at the same time realizing that Bulgakov is writing from the standpoint of someone who is not an avid proponent of Communism -- we can see that Mikhail Bulgakov, like many others, believes that Communism is in fact slowly failing the Soviet Union. Moreover, through examining the changes that Dr. Preobrazhensky makes to the dog we can see how Bulgakov views the Communist revolution as a way to transform mankind into something that it should not be, something that is unnatural. Finally, by having a dog transform into a man that is capable of working for the secret police Bulgakov is showing just one of the many inconsistencies that he believes make up the Soviet system. While reading this book, it becomes quite obvious that Bulgakov does not trust the Communist party in Russia and believes that things need to change in order for people to live a happy life.

The stray dog, Sharik, is found lying in the street after he is mistreated by a cook (representative of the way that many people in Soviet Russia lived their lives under the…

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