Analysis Of Budge Wilson's The Metaphor

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Register to read the introduction… They were all of a piece."(Page1) When Charlotte went to grade ten she started wanting to be like everyone there in high school, showing that she doesn’t like studying but living her own secret of a great passion of writing. Miss Hancock came to tent grade as her English teacher. Charlotte refused to demonstrate her passion to Miss Hancock that she still writes “Still writing metaphors? She asked, with a tentative smile. Oh, I dunno, I replied.” Since that time Miss Hancock was betrayed by Charlotte leading the depression of Miss Hancock. At the end of one class day Miss Hancock gets out of the school and got killed with a bus. Charlotte went home after the sad news that Miss Hancock got killed and start blaming herself that she killed her. She talks to her mom what happened to Miss Hancock. Charlotte’s mom tries to convince her that Miss Hancock got what she deserved. Charlotte responded to her mom like that little kid she was in seventh grade when she came home and then she stopped acting like that little girl she was by sowing a perfect control she learnt by her mom. She

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