Essay on Analysis Of Brooklyn And Limerick By Frank Mccourt

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Role Models We are only humans, and as such we have our faults and are prone to committing mistakes. This is true for all us, even our very own parents who are supposed to be roles mode ls are far from being perfect. In “ Brooklyn and Limerick” by Frank McCourt, we learn about the author 's early life and we see that they too have their flaws. While they are living in Brooklyn the family is financially unstable and rely on the father 's wages in order to eat and buy necessities.In the beginning his father seems to fulfill his duties as head of the household, and everything seems fine.Unfortunately, a couple weeks later, he comes home empty handed and his children have “gone to bed half hungry because [he had] to fill [his] belly with whisky”(McCourt 2).From the information given, it is safe to assume that the father seems to have a drinking problem. Later on, while living in Limerick, it is frank who stays from his responsibilities. His mothers puts him in a dancing school in an attempt to prevent him from “wandering around Limerick with hooligans”(McCourt 3). Similarly in the beginning everything is going fine until he runs into,his friend, Billy Campbell. Billy ends up convincing Frank to disobey his mothers wishes by telling him that “everyone knows dancing is a sissy thing”(McCourt 4). From then on, Frank continues to follow in his disregard his responsibilities and uses the money, meant for dancing, for movies and snacks instead.In order to avoid getting in…

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