Analysis Of Brokeback Mountain By Annie Proulx Essay example

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Brokeback Mountain is one of the most heartbreaking yet sentimental love stories I 've ever seen and can be considered one of the most significant movies of our lifetime. Brokeback Mountain (2005) originally was a short fictional story by author Annie Proulx, published in The New Yorker in 1997 before being adapted for the screen by screenwriters Diana Ossana, Larry McMurtry, director Ang Lee starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. The love story within this beautiful picture truly captures love at its rawest element. Not only is this a story about two men finding love within the rural landscape of Wyoming. It’s also about trying to navigate through social issues during this time as men who love one another, and the heartache surrounding them, from their wives, children, and ultimately themselves.
Dubbed the gay cowboy movie before its release in 2005 is based on the characters of Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger), and Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhall) as Wyoming ranch hands during the 1960’s. Who begins this forbidden love affair that would take place over the next 20 years. “The story has been compared by some critics to a Greek tragedy or the story of star-crossed lovers, similar to Romeo and Juliet, But more accurately the story is about two rugged men living in a rugged terrain and a homophobic society, and it is a story about a relationship that simultaneously transcends and destroys both heroes as they try understand what drives their love and desire for one another and…

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