Analysis Of Brenda Medina 's ' A Hell And How I Got Here Through A Criminological Angle

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In this paper, I will examine Brenda Medina’s story known as Hell and How I Got Here through a criminological angle. I shall summarize Medina’s story, present a simplistic format of the theories I believe were in play in her story, and then connect those theories with her story. Additionally, I want to note that I will only disclose the theories that I consider to have been the most prominent in Medina’s story, since, there is a large number of theories that can rationalize what happened; but perhaps not as apparent. Brenda Medina’s story prior to the arrest started when she was around six years old living with her parents and many siblings in a hostile family setting, she would deal with her brother’s pranks and her mom’s vile actions to control her; and her mom’s alleged possession didn’t help make peace in the house. It’s revealed that Medina attended a Catholic school because her mom didn’t want her to end up like her troublesome older siblings but this only lasted for a while since she soon moved to Adult Ed, Kennedy high school for both money and disciplinary issues. In Adult Ed, Medina would associate most often with boys because she found them more trusting than girls; at least when sex wasn’t involved; additionally two of the boys that she mainly retained friendship status were engaged in a gang; which she would soon join. As a byproduct of affiliating with the boys she did, a boy by the name of Manny would soon fall into her life and become her lover. However, her…

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