Analysis Of Brecht 's ' The ' Of The Flies ' Essay

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When evil is allowed to go unnoticed it builds up creating a greater nationalistic desire within an individual, often causing immense tragedy within a nation-state. This is only possible because men who have any moral values turn a blind eye. Bertold Brecht expresses this through one of his quotes. The quote supports civic nationalism because it is criticizing organizations and the government because they should step up and take action in times of crisis to prevent evil from coming into play. There is also aspects of Ethnic nationalism because when evil is present it often causes the intolerance between two ethnic groups. The use of evil is to show the reader that he is talking about something morally wrong mainly to remind them of past problems that have allowed this evil to creep into a nationalistic view and destroy a nation state. He also uses the word good to demonstrate that anyone with good values would have to do practically nothing for evil for to become into existence. The words that he has chosen criticizes certain events that have happened in our past to show how little we have actually done and make a point that we could have stopped these horrific events. Someone who would disagree with this quote would be Stalin because he caused mass killings of people to promote Russia. Ultra Nationalists such as Joseph Stalin see evil as a necessary evil not something that needs to be stopped. Some people may see an issue as evil and others may see it as the right thing…

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