Analysis Of ' Brave New World ' Essay

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In chapter 13 of Brave New World we see a clash of values between John, Lenina and what our society feels regarding sex, love, and marriage. We read about how John feels and why he acts a certain way, and we also read about Lenina’s understanding to it. John a very religious man was brought up this way in the reservations. He was taught that there is a line between wrong and right. He knows that there are consequences to his actions, and firmly acts on it. We understand his deep devotion to God and literature through the story. To him this is natural and normal. We can even say he doesn’t know any different. For him love is reverend. When he tells Lenina that he loves her, he truly means love; in a deep affectionate way. It is something special only to be shared with one person. That person that God made has chosen for you. He believes in marriage and its commitment to forever. He wants to propose to Lenina and show that he is worthy of her. John tells Lenina over and over that he we do anything for her. He believes that through marriage is the only way for them to have sex. To first make that commitment. To understand that they will only belong to one another. John’s point of view regarding love, marriage and sex are very biblical base. I believe his point of view is very pure. Lenina’s point of view regarding these values are the opposite. Having been conditioned in the New World she knows only what she has been told. They have taken religion away only worshiping…

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