Analysis Of ' Brave New World ' Essay

1110 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 5 Pages
Have you fancy before that your life is not belong to yourself, everything including the views, beliefs and behaviors which are setted by the society. You are not you! In the story “Brave New World” the government used the control methods to design citizens life, behaviours and the opinions. This essay will focus mainly on the effectiveness of the control method (hypnopaedic education). This method is repeating broadcast some voices to human which create opinions and values holding. This paper will focus analysising the two characters Lenina and Linda. Specific scene will be selected and use as a source to support the thesis. The paper will go through three main ideas. First, the interacting supervision between people which provide a redress and correction of the not norminal activities. Second is the efficient of the method’s persistent. Lastly is the frame and limted that was create by the hypnopaedic education which block some of the reactions and behaviours of human.

Interacting connection, the byproduct of the Hypnopaedic education In the story, one of the most powerful function of the hypnopaedic education is the widely effect of it. Mainly most of the people in the city forced to treat by this method and most of them were successfully affected. This form a strong behaviour correction by other. Human behaviour is through the learning of others. Especially the group with the inner relationship like parents, friends and peers. In this society parents is not access.…

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