Analysis Of Bradley's Speech 'I Want You To Know What They Did To My Boy'

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In Bradley’s speech, I Want You to Know What They Did to My Boy, Bradley can be seen addressing the situated audience’s characteristics of being opposed to segregation, unbiased to the African-American perspective and willing to be informed while cultivating being a parent, being used by the American justice system because of color, and the empathy of losing a loved one as characteristics of Bradley’s imagined audience.
Throughout the entirety of Bradley’s speech, she attempts to address her audience, which is widely composed of people disagreeing strongly that segregation has been approached throughout the Civil Rights movement because of their willingness to participate in an NAACP rally. As Bradley states, “We’re not trying to start a race
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Reminiscing on the factual evidence that the justice system knowingly tricked an eye witness for the prosecution, Bradley incorporates this prior knowledge into her speech believing that her imagined audience would be largely appalled by how the Court system is used for segregation.
In comparison, Empathetic: An Unappreciated Way of Being, by Carl Rogers, helps defend and reinforce the concept behind Bradley’s speech in which the rhetor must establish a sense of empathy with the audience to have an effective audience. Rogers states as an introductory that “…we tend to give too little consideration to an element which is extremely important both for the understanding of personality dynamics and for effecting changes in personality and behavior” (Rogers 103), meaning that to inflict persuasion among an audience, empathy must be introduced between both the rhetor and the audience. Furthermore, Rogers exclaims “…a high degree of empathy in a relationship is possibly the most potent and certainly one of the most potent factors in bringing about change and learning” (Rogers 104), strengthening the assumption that in order to enact change within a community, the speaker
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Favors states “Why don’t

Ebin 4 we challenge them? Why don’t we speak out? Why are we so cowardly? We are threatened with our jobs, our homes, our lives, we cannot stay here and speak out” (Favors 2). The imagery portrayed from the beginning of Favors essay helps to show the segregation and the fear that
African-Americans endure everyday which correlates with the purpose of Bradley’s speech as well. As she claims “Without that rich resource to be tapped and things that we are able to contribute, America herself would not be as great as she is. So I want to stand up now and I want you to stand up, too, and demand our place” (Bradley 26), exclaiming that the time has come for the African-American community to escape the void of silence and join her in the fight for equality and justice to their community instead of sitting by and letting their own children get murdered. Furthermore, another article that attempts to invoke empathy in their audience to express the claim of making a difference when it comes to segregation is “The Movement is in
You”: The Sunflower County Freedom Project and the Lessons of the Civil Rights Past, by

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