Essay on Analysis Of Brad Manning 's ' Arm Wrestling With My Father '

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What is the point in even writing a story about a father and son relationship? The relationship between a father and son can vary depending on the person, but “Arm Wrestling with My Father” is a wonderful example as to how a father and son form their own connection. Brad Manning enlightens the reader on how Manning and his father formed their own connection. Unusual to some, but to Manning it is the form of bond he gets to have with his father which is very special. Brad Manning really shows off this father and son relationship by using the following elements of rhetoric; the purpose, thesis, audience, methods of development, and the language his writing.
The key to understanding what Brad Manning wrote is to find out why he wrote it in the first place. The reason why Brad Manning wrote this is to help the reader understand his relationship with his own father. Throughout the essay the only time these two actually bond together is when they are arm wrestling each other. In “Arm Wrestling with My Father” every time they arm wrestled. His father would always display a grin on his face before they even started. This is not because of the actual arm wrestling, but it is the fact he gets to do it with his son. That grin is his way of showing how much he really enjoys these moments with his son. At the end of the story, and they have both grown in age. Manning is about to win against his father, and it felt like he did not even want to win. He always viewed it as a challenge he…

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