Analysis Of Brad Anderson 's The Machinist Essay

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The film whose main character I decided to diagnose is Brad Anderson’s The Machinist. The Machinist tells the story of a factory machine operator named Trevor Reznik (played by Christian Bale). Reznik is an insomniac whose mind throughout the film shows a more serious problem. He is avoiding the repercussions of a hit and run he had committed. After watching the film, I came to a conclusive diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder. Schizoaffective disorder has the psychotic symptoms accompanied by either a major depressive or manic episode. The mood symptoms take most of the duration of the disorder. However, for two or more weeks the psychotic symptoms take over without the mood symptoms. In the film, the mood disorder is present at the beginning, but when the accident occurred at the plant, the mood symptoms disappear while the psychotic symptoms take over. The beginning of the film depicted his mood episode which was possibly triggered by a hit and run he had committed a year ago has taken affected his daily life with relationships and work. His extreme guilt and depressed mood coincided with an accident that happened at the workplace, possibly initiated the psychotic symptoms. However, the mood symptoms suddenly return once he confronts his guilt.
Reznik displayed symptoms of a mild major depressive episode which in the film claims to be happening for more than a year. He displays loss of pleasure in activities. This is seen in a seen in the factory locker room where his…

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