Essay about Analysis Of Boyz N ' The Hood

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Although Boyz n’ the Hood made valid arguments about the state of society during the 1990s and the decades prior, Singleton does not use the film to produce a perennial message. The film is an outdated and fictional portrayal of society today, because society has greatly progressed in the nearly twenty-five years that have passed since the movie was first released. African Americans and minorities are much closer to equality than they have been in the past and are increasingly finding themselves in powerful sectors of society-- people of different ethnic backgrounds can be found in the seats of Justices of the Supreme Court and the nation’s first African American president is currently in office. The film depicts the hood in an exaggerated and stereotypical fashion, similar to the media portrayal of the suburbs in certain lights over the past decades. Ghettos were televised nationally in a negative light during the suburbanization period, and the media continues to do so today. The film, like many others, “transmits, exploits, and glamorizes” the image of “young, minority, ‘inner-city’, male gang members” (Papachristos 49). Viewers must watch Boyz n’ the Hood skeptically, for it merely feeds into the tradition of painting hoods as dirty and dangerous.
It is true that one should view the movie skeptically, as one should view everything; however, to categorize Singleton’s film as another film exploiting the poor image of ghettos and its residents is…

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