Essay Analysis Of ' Boys And Girls ' By Alice Munro

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April 8, 2016
Critical Analysis of the Importance of Gender in “Boys and Girls”
“Boys and Girls” by Alice Munro is a story that is set in the period immediately following World War II. Every aspect of the story, from the plot and narration to the figurative language makes the story one of gender and gender roles in society (Goldman 62). The protagonist in the story is a young girl who is growing up on a fox farm who tells the story of sometimes exciting and sometimes tedious work of running a farm in which foxes are raised for their fur. The young girl lives with her father who runs the farm, along with her mother who handles the housework on the farm, and her younger brother.
The narration and setting are used together at the beginning of the story to frame the issue of gender (Goldman 62). For the first few paragraphs of the story, there is no indication that the narrator is a girl. Instead, the narrator describes her responsibilities of ensuring that the wolves have food and water, and of watching her father and their hired hand on the farm, remove the fur from the dead wolves. It is only after the young girl describes how she was referred to as a little girl by a salesman who visited the farm that the reader’s learn that the person telling the story, and doing hard work on the farm is a girl (Rasporich 38).
Even after learning that the narrator is a young girl, the point of view from which she tells the story…

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