Boudoir Shoot: Personal Narrative Analysis

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Boudoir Shoot The common saying I almost always apply towards myself is, “You are your own biggest critique.” I am getting married in December, so I decided I should do something to bless my future husband. I was completely uncomfortable with this idea and wasn’t going to do it, but this assignment encouraged me to venture out of my comfort zone. I wanted to give boudoir photos to him before the wedding day as my wedding gift. But, I did not want to have someone take pictures of my half naked body. It is interesting because I will go swimming in a bikini which can be more revealing than undergarments, but it’s so much more uncomfortable when you have to pose in a sexy manner in front of a camera. My fiancé says I am beautiful, and I choose to believe him. I do think I can be pretty, but I don’t know how to look sexy for a photo. It is so unnatural to try and be someone you generally are not. It may be easy for some people, but my definition of a ‘natural sexy’ look is the “duck” face and let me tell you, it is not my attractive facial expression to say the least. So I get to the shoot already feeling self-conscious, when I realize all of my lingerie is mismatched. …show more content…
What made it even worse was the photographer was a man. I did not have enough time to find a woman photographer that was available. I just did not think I would be comfortable with a male photographer, but it was not so terrible. I was able to experience something that I was not only uncomfortable with but especially uncomfortable because it was a man. He explained how I should pose and what facial expressions to have. I am not going to write the details because that is a personal experience, photographed just for my

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