Essay about Analysis Of Booker T. Washington

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Back in the day, when slavery was still happening, people from different years had their own opinion and versions of slavery. Over the years, these opinions and versions of those peoples had brought controversies all over the whole. Which in one way or another had divided people’s point of view. Not to mention that those people opinions and versions of the circumstances are their own versions, in which all they said are right, from their own experiences. These two people are best known for their contribution of slavery in America based on their personal experiences. Booker T. Washington was one of the many people who fought for the African American rights for education after the Civil war. Washington in order to persuaded others he fought for himself to become someone in society, with the perseverance and knowledge. He’s better known for his autobiography, Up From Slavery, where he talks about his own experience as a slave during the slavery and how his life changed after the Civil war. In his autobiography he explained why it was important to the people of this race to get an education. However, Booker Washington wasn 't the only one with this idea of education to the African Americans. W.E.B.Du Bois write controversial essays, where he coins two terms that have developed in theoretical fields of study: “double consciousness” and “the Veil.”. Both writers have their arguments and different point of view of the slavery, with real life experiences about slavery and how they…

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